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Practice Areas

Patent Litigation

The Dacus Firm has represented clients in hundreds of patent cases in the Eastern District of Texas. We represent both patent owners and those accused of infringement. We have served as both local and lead counsel. We understand fully the intricacies of patent litigation, the local rules and judiciary, and we use that knowledge to effectively position our client’s cases for resolution, if the client so chooses. But our firm is first and foremost a trial firm, and because of that, we have routinely taken a leading role in patent trials, all the while being an effective and productive part of what is often a larger team. Our success as a trial firm speaks for itself. We have secured individual judgments for tens of millions of dollars for patent owners and have successfully defended those accused of infringement, including verdicts where juries found both “no infringement” and invalidity. All too often, litigants only ask prospective lawyers how many cases they have litigated or participated in, without asking whether the lawyer has had success. We believe the latter inquiry is most important, and we would be happy to discuss our track record with you and how our firm might assist you.