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Practice Areas

Oil & Gas

The Dacus Firm represents both individuals and oil and gas companies, including some of the country’s largest, in cases involving title/lease disputes, reservoir damage, surface damages, failure to prudently operate/operator removal and personal injury cases. We have litigated virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the oil and gas industry – both as the plaintiff bringing claims and as a defendant.

It’s not hard to find an attorney in East Texas with knowledge of the industry. And it’s not difficult to find an attorney with courtroom experience. But, it’s virtually impossible to find a lawyer with both. Deron Dacus grew up in East Texas and as a part of the oil and gas industry. He has an uncommon and unparalleled knowledge of the industry and the courtrooms where these disputes are decided. The combination of industry knowledge and successful courtroom experiences makes The Dacus Firm uniquely qualified to best position your case for success.